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From ambitious goals to success stories, Maya Sound “make things happen”.

Making things happen for us means going “beyond”.

With love, teamwork and tailor-made strategies, specifically aimed at the Italian market, with pragmatic imagination, and determination to “make things happen”.

Our strength lies in breaking in brand new talents, that inspire us with their uniqueness and quality, holding their hand as they become established stars.

6 Gold and 51 Platinum records.  The result of just a few years’ work from our collaborations.

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    ( Radio & TV, Press & Web, New Media)




“Amazing and so fun to work with Chandrika she loves this like we do!!!  A sister of Soul #lafamilia”

J Balvin
“Anna has been a key element to my success!! She always believed in my songs and worked so hard to get me to where I am right now. If you get to work with her one day, you should feel extremely lucky. Thanks Anna for your spirit, passion and hard work! Un bacio”
Alvaro Soler

“Anna is one of my favourite people to work with, she invests so much time and emotion in each artist. Her vibrant and loving personality always shines through her work with others and it is a pleasure being on her team”

Alice Merton
Chandrika! This woman is a positive force of nature not only musically but spiritually. She lifts up your soul!! XX

Thanks for the many sacrifices to make people open up for my music,  thanks for making things happen, you’re the best!

Ozark Henry

“When I started working with Anna I felt like she had known me for years. It was truly personal and honest after the first talk. She follows her heart and feelings. She visions things and makes them facts. Her way of communicating with people and music is purely unique and she chooses quality over quantity. Her power, positive energy and motivation are unreal and I can only say it’s a true honour for me to be part of her family”.

Fil Bo Riva

Chandrika Anna Merzari
Maya Sound Founder

Prior to launching Maya Sound, Bologna born music industry executive Chandrika Anna Merzari, was an exclusive consultant to Virgin Records and has been involved in campaigns for local and international artists such as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Mariah Carey, Iggy Pop, Henry Salvador, David Byrne, David Sylvian, Lenny Kravitz, Manu Chao, Janet Jackson, Skunk Anansie, Jarabe de Palo, Chemical Brothers, Cassius, Lene Marlin, Air, Richard Ashcroft, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Ben Harper, Kings of Convenience, Kelis to name but a few.

In particular, for Planet Funk, Gabin, Placebo, Manu Chao, and Kings of Convenience, Annina played a crucial part in establishing them in the Italian scene.

She then took a sabbatical, spending some years abroad, leaving Milan, first for NYC and then Paris. Having returned to Italy, more determined than ever,  Anna co-founded the Surya Musica label, where Jutty Ranx and Milky Chance were launched, and teenage radio phenomenon Radio Imaginaria Media Hub, later sold.

Anna now lives in the Holy Valley of Saint Francis of Assisi, near Rome. Immersed in nature, she has founded Maya Sound, which embodies her philosophy and vision.

“Work with Anna is fantastic for two reasons: the first is that she focuses on the lens to the maximum and never gives up in the face of obstacles. The second is that her perpetual smile and enthusiasm is contagious as to make  even better the working day blackest.”

Mario Sala - Managing Director, Virgin Records Italia

“The Promotion business in Italy is a jungle in every which way. 
Tough, shrewd, below the belt you name it. Every jungle though has a King, or a Queen. In Italy the Queen is Annina.
I always advice my people to play everything that comes thru A&R to Annina. She can spot a Radio hit like no one else. A tenacious, hard working woman, who won’t  accept no as an answer. And a great pair of ears with a heart of gold.
In a world of mercenaries, Anna is the one who is not in it just for the money, but for the passion. 
Countless are the times in which she has come to me spotting  something special, right out of   blue, and countless are the times in which I had to  kick my own arse because I should have listened to her!
She does know how to spot a hit.
If she doesn’t feel or hear a hit she won’t take the job. 
I know that when Annina takes a job, being one of my artist, or a one hit wonder, she will make it happen a surefire smash is in the air.
God Save the Queen!”

Claudio Ferrante - CEO A1 Entertainment Spa

“I only trust a few people globally as much as I trust Anna. She’s become part of our Italian team from Day one. Anna is so passionate for music and for the artists she works with, and at the same time highly professional. She is a visionary and innovative person with a great motivation. I truly enjoy working with Anna and would always recommend her.

Benjamin Budde - CEO Budde Music Publishing GmbH